Applying for Australian partner visa in 2020-2021

There are 72,000 partner visas that can be given.

ne of the main requirements when you’re applying for Australian partner visa is that you prove your relationship.

But how do you prove it evidence of your relationship, the Immigration Department uses what’s called aspects of the relationship.

I have a period of time, whether you’re at the first stage or the second stage processing. Now for many people that takes reaching a certain level of commitment in their relationship before sharing that use with wider groups of friends and family. That is what the social aspect is when you begin to include your partner in all parts of your life.

The type of evidence the Immigration Department is looking for but not limited to, is evidence that the relationship has been declared to and accepted by other government bodies or other commercial or public institutions or authorities, such as the tax office or settling statements from family, friends and other relevant parties.

Now here’s a tip statements in the form of statutory declarations are legal document animal valuable in the immigration department’s eyes. Look for the form 888 evidence that you have a joint membership with organizations or groups have both of you go to local religious place of worship on the weekend.

Evidence of joint participation in sporting cultural, social or other activities documents relating to travel together and plans for the future plane tickets booked accommodation and photos are very useful for this, whether the parties present themselves as a couple socially photos are a great way to demonstrate this social media is another great way to gather evidence and it’s time stamped as well.

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