Australia spouse and marriage visa

The intention to marry in Australia is sufficient to obtain a Prospective Marriage visa provided the couple have met in person at least once. This visa is issued for 9 months during which time the marriage must be registered, after which it is possible to apply for a permanent visa.

Permanent partnership visas are issued after a two-year provisional visa, this principle applies to all partnership visas issued both in Australia and outside Australia.

During the partnership visa application process, the marital relationship is considered in terms of financial, social and domestic aspects of living together. The nature of the couple’s existing or demonstrated mutual commitments is also an important factor.

Common-law partnerships are only recognised in Australia if there has been cohabitation for more than 12 months and can be unequivocally demonstrated. Cohabitation is defined as living “under the same roof”.

Visa 300 – Prospective Marriage

This is a temporary visa valid for 9 months.
The intention is to marry an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
At least one face-to-face meeting of the partners is required.
A formal marriage will be required during the validity period of the visa.

Visa 309 – Partner Provissional (offshore)

Provisional visa.
An existing formal or arranged civil marriage to an Australian citizen or permanent resident is required.
This visa can only be applied for outside Australia. There is no waiting period for this visa to enter Australia.
It leads to the issuance of a permanent visa 100.

Visa 820 – Partner Provissional (onshore)

A provisional visa.
Requires an existing formal or arranged civil marriage to an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
Application for this visa is made within Australia. It is possible to wait for this visa in Australia.
This visa can be applied for while in Australia after marriage on a Visa 300.
It leads to a permanent visa 801.

Visa 100 – Partner Permanent (offshore)

Permanent visa (Permanent Residence).
Issued 2 years after receipt of provisional partner visa 309.
Partners must be married.

Visa 801 – Partner Permanent (Onshore)

Permanent visa (Permanent Residence Permit).
Issued 2 years after the preliminary partner visa 309.
Partners must be married.

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