Prospective marriage visa Australia

Types of spousal/marital visas/bride visa Australia: Bride (groom) visa who plans to marry an Australian citizen (for opposite-sex and same-sex partners): 300 Bride (groom) / Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300) (for opposite-sex and same-sex partners). Temporary visa is valid for 9 months. During this time you must enter Australia and register your marriage, otherwise you […]

Documents to apply for marriage visa – Australia

The documents for marriage visa: – A completed Form 47SP (to be completed by the applicant) and a Form 40SP (to be completed by the sponsor). – Passport photos of the applicant and photos of the sponsor. – Certified copies of your passport. – Sufficient evidence that you have met in person with your sponsor […]

Marriage Visa to Australia

Obtaining a wedding visa to Australia. Marriage to an Australian citizen. More and more Australian men find their “soulmate” on the other side of the globe, proving that for true love, even such long distances are not an obstacle. It is for such cases the Department of Immigration Australia (DIMIA) has introduced the Bridal visa […]

Prospective partner visa Australia

Australian partner visa prerequisites: Your fiancé must be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident of Australia, or an eligible New Zealand citizen Both of you must be at least 18 years old your fiancé should be willing to sponsor not only you but also any dependent members of your family, who will immigrate with you: […]

K3 visa USA – documents and exceptions

Exceptions If the marriage occurred in the United States, the visa application must be filed abroad in the applicant’s country of residence. If the marriage occurred in a country where there is no U.S. Embassy Consular Section to issue nonimmigrant visas, the visa application should be submitted at the consulate of the country where the […]

K3 visa USA – general information

The K3 visa for the United States is for foreign wives/husbands of U.S. citizens. This visa is not an immigrant visa and allows wives/husbands of U.S. citizens to be reunited with their spouses and to obtain immigration status at a later date in the United States. The K3 visa has greatly simplified the process for […]

US marriage green card – spouse

Instructions for applying for a green card for a spouse US immigration process involves multiple forms and steps. The key in application process is – patience, and to follow instructions precisely. In this discussion and in all immigration forms you fill out, the spouse who is a US citizen or green card holder is called the […]

US marriage visa – description

Under U.S. law, fiancé (wives) and grooms (husbands) of U.S. citizens may be permitted to enter the country. Wedding visas can be divided into two categories: – Visas for fiancé and their children (K-1, K-2); – visas for wives and their children (K-3, K-4). The procedure for obtaining a wife visa is almost similar to […]