Bride Visa to Australia

Why do I need a fiancée visa to Australia?

Bride visa is a special type of visa, which is issued to citizens of the Russian Federation, who intend to marry an Australian. A fiancée visa to Australia can be granted for 9 months, so that you have time to get married in Australia. And up to two years, with the right to a permanent visa, if you have already married or live in a civil marriage for at least 12 months.

Getting a fiancée visa to Australia
To get a fiancée visa to Australia you need to do the following:

1. Take photos. The requirements to photos are of passport type. You need 4 photos of the bride and 2 photos of the groom.
2. Collect documents (yours and your groom’s):

  • Passports;
  • Copies of children’s birth certificates;
  • Certificate of income, bank account statements;
  • Certificate of medical examination;
  • Copies of marriage/divorce certificates;
  • Copies of property documents;
  • Reference from the police;
  • Proof of authenticity of your relationship;
  • Statement of Intent to Marry;

3. Pre-consult by phone and come. Our address is here.
4. We will check your documents and make recommendations.
5. We will translate your documents into English and form a package of documents to submit to the embassy.
6. We will prepare you for your interview at the Australian embassy.
7. We will submit your documents to the Australian Embassy.
8. We will let you know as soon as we receive your passport with your bride visa to Australia.

You can come and collect your passport and visa yourself, or you can use a courier service. In case of refusal, the money for the services will be refunded in full.

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