Bride Visa to Canada

This visa, as a separate category, does not exist in Canadian law.  For example, in the embassies of England or the U.S. the applicant can apply for a visa specifically for the registration of marriage in the country where the other half resides. Not at the Canadian one.

But still, this does not mean that you do not have the opportunity to get married in Canada. You only need to have a visitor’s or tourist’s visa to pursue your cherished dream, and to obtain a marriage licence from the provincial authorities.

Marriage licence is a license issued by the competent authority in the province where the marriage ceremony is planned. It is usually valid for 3 months.

To obtain a license it is best to take care of the required documents in advance. Obligatorily you will need:

– Passport;

– A visa or other document proving you are legally in Canada;

– Birth certificate;

– Divorce certificate (if there have been previous marriages).

Please note: For those who are divorced, some provinces may require additional permits.

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