Canada marriage visa

Girls who intend to get married but live in different countries with their lover need to obtain a special visa sticker. Let’s look in detail at how a fiancée visa for marriage in Canada is processed. You can take the test and find out if it’s right for you here.

How to get a fiancée visa to Canada

A fiancée visa is an entry document for travelling to the country for the purpose of marriage. Its main difference from other types is the length of validity and granting permission to get married. It is not easy to obtain a fiancée visa. The bulk of people applying for a visa sticker are young girls. They are more likely to get rejected than others. This does not mean that it will be impossible to go to Canada and get married to a loved one. But you will have to put more effort, carefully gather the documents and thoroughly prepare for the visa interview with the consul, working out all the details beforehand.

Required documents for a fiancée visa to Canada
The key to success in getting a positive decision on an entry document is a properly assembled set of documents.

From the groom’s side, they provide:

An invitation with contact information;
Proof of citizenship or residency in Canada;
Proof of financial solvency for sponsorship of the bride and a letter of employment and position;
The following papers are included with the girl’s documentation

A passport that expires no sooner than 6 months after the visa expires
two photos 3,4 by 4,5 cm;
visa application form filled out in English;
an application form with family composition information;
photocopies of spreads with the face and registration of the civil passport;
certificate of employment indicating the period of leave to be granted;
A photocopy of a work record book.
In addition, the consulate may ask for evidence of the reality of the romantic relationship between lovers – joint photos, correspondence.

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