Visa to Canada for marriage

A bride or groom’s visa is intended for a short stay in a foreign territory for the purpose of conducting a marriage ceremony. Both parties are involved in the preparation of the application. Applicants for a premarital visa most often encounter rejections from consular officials. Some of the main reasons include: – The bride and […]

Marriage registration in Canada

People who want to marry a Canadian citizen can get married in Canada either at a civil registry office or at a civil registry office in your home country. The first step to get married in Canada is to apply to a registry office authorized to register marriages in Canada. There you will receive a […]

Marriage registration in Canada

Marriage Registration in Canada If you want to register your marriage in Canada, you should be aware of the specifics of the process, as it is very different from a similar process. Both citizens and permanent residents of Canada and foreigners who come to Canada on a tourist visa can register a marriage in Canada. […]

Bride Visa to Canada

This visa, as a separate category, does not exist in Canadian law.  For example, in the embassies of England or the U.S. the applicant can apply for a visa specifically for the registration of marriage in the country where the other half resides. Not at the Canadian one. But still, this does not mean that […]

Green Card: Benefits and Obligations

The official name of the Green Card is the United States Permanent Resident Card. What exactly is it? It is a form of identification that confirms the residence in the United States of a person who is not a citizen, but has the same rights as he or she does. The only exception is the […]

The Family Sponsorship program for Canadian citizens

The Family Sponsorship Program is for Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have relatives in other countries of the world and want to help them come to Canada permanently. Thus, Family Sponsorship is a family reunion program that is very important to many Canadians. In this case, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident sponsors their […]

The Federal Business Immigration Programs – Canada VISA

Categories: – Investors – Entrepreneurs – Start-UP pilot program – Self-employed persons in the following fields – Culture – Sports – Farm management (with possibility of purchase) Each of the categories has its own characteristics and separate requirements. They are not specific to or applicable to the Province of Quebec – the Province of Quebec […]

Limitations on family sponsorship in Canada

People who are permanent residents of Canada, but not citizens of Canada and currently residing outside of Canada, cannot sponsor their spouses. Therefore, they can only begin processing their spousal sponsorship for immigration through marriage while they are within Canada. Restrictions on who cannot sponsor their foreign partner: – The sponsor’s imprisonment – Declaring bankruptcy […]

Nuances of family sponsorship in Canada

Another significant amendment to the immigration legislation was introduced in October 2012 regarding conditional sponsored spouse permanent residency. It was enacted to both enhance the protections afforded to Canadians whose good feelings are often abused in order to seek permanent residency in Canada, and to prevent the use of marital sponsorship for sham marriages in […]

Migrating to Canada through marriage

An important factor in determining whether a Canadian family sponsorship is likely is not so much the legality of the marriage in the country of origin, but rather the recognition of the union in Canada. For example, arranged marriages or polygamy do not fall under the definition of family sponsorship. A spouse may be sponsored […]