UK spouse visa Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Requirements for a fiancé visa to England A fiancé visa to the United Kingdom (fiancé visa) is opened by the Embassy if the following conditions are met: the applicant is travelling to England to marry a citizen of that country; the applicant is aged 18 years or over; All previous relationships have been officially dissolved […]

UK fiancee visa potential problems and risks in 2021

In the age of the internet, it is not unusual for two people who have never met but have spent months or even years communicating online to decide to get married. Indeed, given the recent COVID-19 lockdown, singles looking for love had no choice but to meet each other through social media. For international relationships, […]

Documents for a residence permit in the United Kingdom

If you meet the conditions necessary to obtain a residence permit in England, you can proceed to the collection of a package of papers and their submission to the consulate. The following list of documents is required from the applicant: international passport; certificates confirming your rights to a residence permit (marriage certificate, investment data, etc.); […]

How to get a fiancee visa to the UK

A prerequisite for the right to apply for a visa for the bride or groom to the UK is the coming of age. The UK fiancee visa application involves several stages. Online registration. Personal presence at the consulate when submitting documents. Passing the fingerprinting procedure. Getting the finished result. When applying for a bride’s visa […]

UK Marriage visa processing time 2021

UK Spouse or Marriage Visa Processing Time in 2021 Marriage visa UK processing time in 2021 is between 2-3 months on average but it may vary depending on individual case. It may take from two to three months for the Home Office to process your application and make decision in your visa application case. UK […]

What are the requirements for obtaining a spouse visa to the UK?

When deciding to apply for a spousal visa to the UK, certain requirements must be strictly met: 1. The British spouse must be a British citizen or have permanent residence status. 2. Both partners must be at least 18 years old (which is confirmed by the original birth certificates). 3. Both partners must personally attend […]

What other documents may be required for a uk visa?

In addition to the above documents, accompanying documents are also attached to the application for a visa to England. These documents help the visa officer to better understand the applicant’s situation and ultimately make the right choice. There is no single list of accompanying documents. The situation of each applicant is somewhat special, everyone applies […]