Stages of the green card contest

A person who fills out an online application to participate in this lottery will have to wait at least one year for its results. The fact is that the Green Card program is a state program, so there are several stages of the contest: Candidates must register, giving all the necessary data about themselves and […]

How to participate in the green card contest

A person who wants to participate in such a lottery must go to and fill out a form there. The language of the form is English. The online application will have a list of questions that the applicant must answer honestly. The range of questions varies, for example, you will need to include your […]

Benefits of the green card

Those who already have an American visa may be skeptical about their chances of winning the lottery. And in vain, because the Green Card holder has a lot of prospects and advantages. In America, the person owning this document can: -Get an official job. -Take part in government aid for free education. -Cross U.S. borders […]