K3 visa USA – documents and exceptions

Exceptions If the marriage occurred in the United States, the visa application must be filed abroad in the applicant’s country of residence. If the marriage occurred in a country where there is no U.S. Embassy Consular Section to issue nonimmigrant visas, the visa application should be submitted at the consulate of the country where the […]

K3 visa USA – general information

The K3 visa for the United States is for foreign wives/husbands of U.S. citizens. This visa is not an immigrant visa and allows wives/husbands of U.S. citizens to be reunited with their spouses and to obtain immigration status at a later date in the United States. The K3 visa has greatly simplified the process for […]

US marriage green card – spouse

Instructions for applying for a green card for a spouse US immigration process involves multiple forms and steps. The key in application process is – patience, and to follow instructions precisely. In this discussion and in all immigration forms you fill out, the spouse who is a US citizen or green card holder is called the […]

US marriage visa – description

Under U.S. law, fiancé (wives) and grooms (husbands) of U.S. citizens may be permitted to enter the country. Wedding visas can be divided into two categories: – Visas for fiancé and their children (K-1, K-2); – visas for wives and their children (K-3, K-4). The procedure for obtaining a wife visa is almost similar to […]

Bride/marriage Visa (K1/K2) to the US

K1 visa General Information The nonimmigrant K1 visa is for foreign nationals planning to marry a U.S. citizen. The K1 visa allows the foreign national to enter the United States and marry his or her U.S. citizen petitioner within 90 days of admission. After the marriage, the foreign national applies to the Department of Homeland […]

Documents for a residence permit in the United States

The success of obtaining a residence permit in the United States largely depends on how accurately and correctly you prepare the list of documents required by the consulate. Of course, the collection of papers should proceed only after all the above conditions are met. The list of documents to submit may vary depending on the […]

Special case of immigration eligibility: extreme necessity (Immigrant Waiver)

Immigrant Waiver: A Special Case of Entry into the United States for Immigration Purposes (INP) Reasons for inadmissibility There are a wide range of reasons why a person may be found inadmissible to the US. The most common ones are as follows: Criminal history; Committed fraud in obtaining a US visa; Periods of unlawful presence […]

The requirements for a fiancée’s visa to the United States 2021

Legally, the groom is called the petitioner (because he is petitioning) and the bride is the beneficiary. The petitioner must be a U.S. citizen. A permanent U.S. resident green card holder is not eligible to apply for the bride’s visa. The petitioner (U.S. citizen) and the beneficiary (bride) must both be free to marry. This […]