Child and Relative visa to Australia

In most cases, children in dependent status can be included on their parents’ visa application. But if a partner visa applicant is in Australia when they apply for a visa and their child is overseas, the child can come to Australia temporarily on a subclass 445 (Dependent Child Visa) after the parent has been granted a temporary partner visa.

Mr Watt says applicants have three permanent options depending on the relationship between the child and the sponsor: child visa, orphan relative visa, and adoption visa.

Relative visa
Depending on your circumstances, you may also be able to sponsor a relative to move and live in Australia.

You can sponsor a relative for a care visa if you have an illness, but no one in your family in Australia can take care of you and you can not get the necessary care from the medical services in Australia. In this case, you can sponsor a relative over 18 years of age to stay in Australia on subclass 116 and 836 care visas.

The processing time for care visa applications is approximately four and a half years.
Remaining Relative (Remaining Relative) or Aged Dependent Relative visas are for those people whose only relatives live in Australia.
These visas can be applied for from overseas as well as from Australia.
If you are thinking of applying while in Australia, be aware that the intermediate visa that is issued when you apply for a surviving relative visa may not allow you to work if your current visa has a “cannot work” condition.
This can be particularly difficult as the processing time for a surviving relative visa is more than 50 years.

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