Deadlines for applying for the U.S. Green Card 2021-2022

The green card 2023 lottery will help some migrants qualify for permanent residency in America. Dates for the contest have officially appeared on the U.S. government website: October 6 – November 9, 2021.

The results of the drawing will be announced in May 2022.

What is this card and what benefits does it give its holder?
In the U.S., the lottery draw takes place in advance. That’s why there will be applications for the Green Card in 2021, which you won’t be able to get and apply for until 2023. The application deadline is November 9, 2021, and the lottery drawing itself will take place in May 2022.

Winners will then be scheduled for an interview at the U.S. consulate later that year, at which time they will be eligible to receive their coveted Green Card.
Green Card Lotteries are held in America every year. The winners will be allowed to legally live here. The official name of this contest is “Visa Diversity Lottery. Such a document has a number – the year in which an immigrant will receive an American visa.

Many may be skeptical that in order to move to the U.S. you do not need to collect a huge package of documents, stand in long lines at the visa center, interview with the consul, etc. Therefore, they treat these competitions with a certain amount of distrust.

Only the lucky ones can get such a document, but if there is just one chance in a thousand, they should definitely take advantage of it!

This lottery is organized by the American government. Everyone is welcome to apply, and the contest is free.

Migrants who use a facilitator to apply for the green card lottery should know that only trustworthy programs should be used.
Trusting scammers can not only get a denial to open the American visa, but also pay a large amount for nothing. Therefore, it is better to deal with the organization of this issue on their own or trust the professionals.


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