Documents for a residence permit in the United Kingdom

If you meet the conditions necessary to obtain a residence permit in England, you can proceed to the collection of a package of papers and their submission to the consulate. The following list of documents is required from the applicant:

  • international passport;
  • certificates confirming your rights to a residence permit (marriage certificate, investment data, etc.);
  • certificate of non-criminal record;
  • information about the financial condition.

It should be noted that various additional papers may be required, for example, a medical card. The above documents relate to obtaining a temporary residence permit. After 5 years of residence in England, you will be able to apply for permanent residence, but for this you, in addition to the standard package of papers, will need:

  • confirm your knowledge of English by passing a special test (IELTS Life Skills, B1);
  • Demonstrate your awareness of the history and culture of England by passing the Live in the UK exam.
  • All documents for obtaining a residence permit must have a certified translation into English. The period of registration of a residence permit is from 1 month.

What gives a residence permit?

A residence permit in England expands the possibilities of its owner and has a lot of advantages. Even if you have a temporary residence permit, then at the end of its validity period, you will not need to leave the territory of the UK for renewal, as in most cases with a regular visa. In addition, after 2-5 years of stay in the country, you will be able to apply for an indefinite residence permit, which will give you the right to permanent residence in England. Also, you can highlight other advantages of a residence permit in the UK:

  • The right to receive a prestigious education in England.
  • Official work with a high salary, at least 2-3 thousand dollars a month, and European working conditions.
  • The opportunity to open your own business or invest in an existing one.
  • Reliable legal protection and social guarantees at the level of British citizens.
  • Getting high-quality medical services.
  • A high standard of living that meets European standards.
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