Documents for a residence permit in the United States

The success of obtaining a residence permit in the United States largely depends on how accurately and correctly you prepare the list of documents required by the consulate. Of course, the collection of papers should proceed only after all the above conditions are met. The list of documents to submit may vary depending on the specifics of your case, in addition, the consulate staff may require you to provide additional information. additional help. But most often, applicants are required to:

  • foreign and domestic passport;
  • birth certificate;
  • medical card with test results;
  • certificate of non-criminal record;
  • military ID card-for men and women who are liable for military service.
  • information about marital status and children;
  • financial position and performance data;
  • proof of the right to obtain a residence permit in the United States.

What gives a residence permit in the United States

A temporary stamp in your passport will not give you the right to experience all the delights of living in the United States. After all, there is no visa that would give the right to work, study, and rest with treatment at the same time. In turn, a residence permit (Green Card) grants the applicant almost all the rights of a US citizen, with the exception of the right to vote in elections.

In addition to legal residence in the United States on a permanent basis, it is worth noting other advantages of a residence permit. With a Green Card, you will be able to:

  • Study at the best universities in the United States and get a scholarship.
  • Highly paid work with comfortable working conditions.
  • Creating your own business.
  • Investing for the purpose of generating income.
  • Various social benefits, as well as reliable legal protection.
  • Obtaining mortgages and loans from local banks on more favorable terms.
  • High-quality medicine.
  • A decent standard of living and unlimited opportunities to reach your potential. For example, Green Card holders can even become state governors.
  • Freely leave the country and return back.

In addition to the rights, the owner of the Green Card also has certain responsibilities. So, to keep a residence permit in the United States, you need to:

  • pay taxes and fill out an annual income declaration;
  • men between the ages of 18 and 26 must register for military service;
  • if the Green Card is obtained by invitation to work, then the term stipulated in the contract must be fulfilled.
  • stay on the territory of the state for at least half of the time of the Green Card validity period. A long absence (from 6 months a year) can cause questions from the immigration services, and in some cases you can lose your residence permit.
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