Documents for a residence permit to Canada

To obtain a residence permit in Canada, you will need to prepare a certain list of documents. It may vary depending on the specifics of your case, and in addition, the consulate staff has the right to ask for any additional information. Usually, applicants are required to submit the following documents to obtain a residence permit:

  • questionnaire;
  • the original of the foreign passport and a copy of the national passport;
  • information about family and children;
  • data on work, education, and qualifications;
  • certificate of non-criminal record;
  • financial condition (certificate from the bank);
  • proof that the conditions of immigration to Canada are met. You must fit into one of the immigration categories.
    Important: All documents submitted to the consulate must have a certified translation into English/French.


What gives a residence permit to Canada

If you get a temporary stamp in your passport that allows you to enter Canada, in other words, a visa of any type, you will not be able to fully use all the opportunities in this country. Only an indefinite residence permit will equate you to the citizens of this state and give you the same rights.

Becoming a resident of Canada is good in many ways. The main advantages of a residence permit are::

  • Accommodation in any city in Canada on a permanent basis. You do not need to contact the embassy every year to update your documents.
  • The opportunity to get a prestigious education in the best universities.
  • Work with a high salary and favorable conditions. There are always a lot of vacancies in the labor market in Canada, and the unemployment rate is less than 5%.
  • The opportunity to create your own business or become an investor.
  • The right to social and legal protection, as well as various benefits.
  • Free medicine.
  • A decent standard of living.
  • The right to obtain Canadian citizenship after 5 years of residence.
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