Documents to apply for marriage visa – Australia

The documents for marriage visa:

– A completed Form 47SP (to be completed by the applicant) and a Form 40SP (to be completed by the sponsor).
– Passport photos of the applicant and photos of the sponsor.
– Certified copies of your passport.
– Sufficient evidence that you have met in person with your sponsor and know your sponsor.
– Proof of your partner’s Australian citizen or resident status.
– Proof of your relationship (documentation package, which includes personal statements from you and your friends, phone bills, printouts of letters, photos of you together and more).
– Documentation of medical clearance.
– Certificate of criminal record (for those over 16 years old).

All documents must be competently prepared and translated into English. At this stage it is by no means allowed to submit documents of “doubtful” origin. This is the main reason for refusing a visa.

In addition to proper preparation of documents, you must prepare for the interview with the consul in order to obtain a positive result. Our experience shows that the questions asked at the Embassy are very similar, so by taking advantage of our services, you will have a clear picture of your interview.

The Australian Bride Visa (for marriage, sub-category 300) is required in order to get married in Australia. You can apply for a bride/fiancé visa after you have collected the necessary documents.

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