Features and benefits of the green card

This document has the form of a plastic card. The Green Card is issued only to people who are not American citizens. What rights do its holders have in the U.S.?

-The right to permanent residency.
-The right to study.
-The right to work legally and be legally employed in America.

People with U.S. citizenship do not qualify. Does the Green Card have a time limit? The answer is no, it does not. It is issued for an indefinite period, which means that a person will always have the status of a green card holder. However, there are a number of cases where this status may be lost. For example:
-The subject has been involved in criminal activity.
-A person was brought to administrative or criminal responsibility.
-The person has left the territory of America for a long period of time.
-When will the winner get his card? He will receive it within four to five months after he arrives in the U.S.


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