How do I get a fiancee visa to New Zealand?

The bride’s visa to New Zealand is issued to those who wish to marry a citizen of this country. At the same time, a guest visa is opened. If the applicant is already a spouse of a New Zealander and wants to move to this country for permanent residence, then a partner visa is required. At the same time, the country of residence of both spouses is not as important as the total time of the legalized partnership.

Among the accompanying documents as may be required by the consular officer:

  • marriage certificate and children’s birth certificate;
  • documents for common ownership of property;
  • joint bank accounts and real estate documents;
  • joint photos of different years;
  • personal correspondence in electronic or paper form;
  • air and railway tickets for joint trips.

Attention! A marriage certificate alone may not be enough. You need to provide proof of the couple’s relationship to the visa officer.

A family reunification visa is issued only if both spouses have reached the age of 18 at the time of application. Immediately after the wedding, you can close the bride’s visa and initiate the procedure for obtaining permanent residence.

All the basic package required for the Embassy when making an application is provided in English. The documents are translated in a special licensed translation agency and certified by a notary.

Attention! During the New Year and Christmas holidays, the application review period increases for a number of objective reasons. It is better to apply for a visit to the country at this time in advance.

The necessary documents for the New Zealand fiancee visa:

  1. A passport valid for at least 3 months from the last day of your stay in New Zealand.
  2. Two recent 3.5 x 4.5 cm color photos with a clear image.
  3. A special form of the INZ1198 questionnaire completed in English.
  4. Passport of a citizen of Ukraine and TIN.
  5. A specially completed partner sponsorship form in the official language of the host country INZ1201 and INZ1096.
  6. A certificate of the status of the bank account of the spouse from New Zealand.
  7. For previously married partners – a certificate of divorce.
  8. The results of the medical examination, certified by a doctor with New Zealand accreditation.
  9. A certificate of non-criminal record for the past seven years.
  10. Receipt of payment of the consular and visa fees.

The consular officer has the right, at his discretion, to request additional explanatory documents to any extent necessary. The expected time for the bride’s visa application to be processed by the country’s representatives is 21 days, unless additional information is required.

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