How to get a fiancee visa to the UK

A prerequisite for the right to apply for a visa for the bride or groom to the UK is the coming of age.

The UK fiancee visa application involves several stages.

  1. Online registration.
  2. Personal presence at the consulate when submitting documents.
  3. Passing the fingerprinting procedure.
  4. Getting the finished result.
  5. When applying for a bride’s visa to England, the question often arises: does Schengen and “visa-free” for Ukrainians apply to the UK or not? We declare that the Schengen visa does not affect the opening of a visa to the UK, there is still a need for an English visa.

The holder of the bride’s visa can take her child to the UK. All minor children are allowed to be included in the questionnaire.

Required documents for the fiancee visa to the UK

To apply for a visa, you must provide documents confirming the good faith of the departing and receiving parties.

The departing person provides:

  • foreign passport;
  • civil passport;
  • confirms the absence of marital ties;
  • availability of a round-trip booking or air ticket;
  • a completed form with personal data and an addendum to it;
  • insurance policy;
  • income statement;
  • document on the presence/absence of minor children;
  • proof of ownership of real and movable property.

The receiving party provides:

  • british passport, residence permit;
  • proof of income in England;
  • bank account statements;
  • confirmation of the place of permanent residence: documents for the rental of residential premises, on the right of ownership, proof of payment for utilities;
  • invitation to a specific person;
  • confirmation of the booking of the wedding ceremony venue;
  • letters to the bride, the groom, and other evidence of the relationship between the future spouses.

When applying for a bride’s visa, make sure that all the documents are translated into English in advance.

To learn more about the list of documents for the bride’s visa to the UK, please contact the Tour Partner company. Our specialists know the requirements for the documents, they can fill them out correctly the first time. It is difficult to get a bride’s visa to the UK on your own, and after the refusal, the situation will become more complicated. If the result is important to you, use the services of visa consultants.

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