Marriage or Fiancee visa to New Zealand for Ukrainian citizens

Obtaining a Bridal Visa to New Zealand

Any Ukrainian can get married in New Zealand. For this you need a fiancée’s or groom’s visa. You can get it by applying to the embassy of the country and providing a certain package of documents confirming your identity and financial capabilities. The special features of a marriage visa are:

You must be at least 18 years old. Ukrainians under this age must have parental or legal guardian permission to marry.

You do not have to be related to the bride/groom.

You should not be married to anyone at the time of application.

You must have met the groom/fiancée in person at least once in the past year.

A fiancée’s visa to New Zealand is needed for you to come to see your fiancé/fiancé and decide whether to get married. You will have a few months to legalise your relationship or return to Ukraine. After the ceremony, your New Zealand bridal visa will need to be closed. You will need to apply for a residence permit or citizenship instead.

If you have already married a foreigner in Ukraine you will need a New Zealand bridal visa to visit him or her. The procedure for obtaining it is the same as for the other types, but you will need to provide your marriage certificate as additional documents. A spousal visa is not only to allow you to see your husband, but also to begin the process of immigrating to New Zealand. Once you are in the state, you can collect your certificates and papers for a change of citizenship or permanent residency.

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