Marriage registration in Canada

People who want to marry a Canadian citizen can get married in Canada either at a civil registry office or at a civil registry office in your home country.

The first step to get married in Canada is to apply to a registry office authorized to register marriages in Canada.

There you will receive a statement (list of documents), which states what documents the bride and groom need to present before the marriage is registered.

Depending on your background and current marital status, these lists vary in the number of documents you need to bring with you to get married in Canada.

Generally, the following documents are required from the bride/groom:

– A new birth certificate. This certificate is issued by the Civil Registry Office at the place where the old certificate was issued, on the basis of the old certificate or a copy thereof, and if you have a passport. When you receive the new certificate, ask that it not be laminated. You will need to legalize the new certificate at the place where it was issued at the city or state Department of Justice,

-Statement of marital status. If you have a passport, you may fill it out in person at any notary. This application must also be legalized. original foreign passport and internal passport of Ukraine;

– Certificate of registration (not to be confused with the certificate of family composition). This certificate is taken in the OVIR at the place of registration. The certificate must have a registration number and the date of issue. It must be stamped by the main stamp of the OVIR and signed by the person in charge.

– Certificate of No Criminal Record. This certificate must be obtained at the local police department and in the passport office of the place of registration. The certificate must have a registration number and the date of issue. It must be certified by the main seal and signature of the responsible person. We can get this certificate for you from 1 to 3 working days. For this we need a photocopy of your internal passport (first, second and the page with the registration). if the marital status is “divorced”: a court decision on divorce or divorce certificate; if the marital status is “widow/widower”: death certificate.

To get married in Canada, the bride/groom must apply for a marriage visa. To open this visa, it is necessary to apply for marriage in Canada in advance. All documents should be legalized, translated into English. In addition, legalization of translations of documents is required.

If you: are not married for the first time; have children from your first marriage;

– You and your children have been adopted;

– If you are a widow/widower, you will need to prepare the documents correctly in order to avoid incorrect initial documentation.

In order to apply for the fiancé(e)s visa to Canada, it is important to meet all the requirements for this visa category by submitting the properly prepared package of documents to the Embassy of Canada!

In the majority of cases, the refusal in visa reception under this visa category occurs due to absence of any document which would be very easy to receive, but about which the Applicant did not know, or due to simple unpreparedness for the interview with the consular officer in the embassy. And further necessary appeal on this issue will lead to unnecessary considerable financial costs and loss of time!

Given all of the above, we recommend that you pay maximum attention to even the smallest details when applying for an appropriate visa category to avoid unnecessary financial costs later, as well as the loss of time that you could have used for better purposes.

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