Migration to Australia married couple

Family migration accounts for almost half of the annual volume of permanent migration to Australia. While some visas in the family stream are processed in a couple of years, some visas, such as parental and other kinship visas, can take several decades to process.

The 2021-2022 migration program has 160,000 slots scheduled, about half of which are reserved for Family Stream.

Of the 77,300 visas available under Family Stream, 72,300 positions are for partner visas, 4,500 for parent visas, and 500 for other family members.

– The 2021-2022 Family Stream predominantly includes partner visas.
– There are seven options for parent visas, and only one for those who do not pass the family balance test.
– The Carer visa has a processing time of up to four and a half years, while it can take 50 years before a relative visa is issued.


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