Marriage visa requirements and opportunities

We share information about marriage visa requirements, processing time, potential problems.

US marriage visa – description

Under U.S. law, fiancé (wives) and grooms (husbands) of U.S. citizens may be permitted to enter the country. Wedding visas can be divided into two categories: – Visas for fiancé and their children (K-1, K-2); – visas for wives and their children (K-3, K-4). The procedure for obtaining a wife visa is almost similar to […]

Australia spouse and marriage visa

The intention to marry in Australia is sufficient to obtain a Prospective Marriage visa provided the couple have met in person at least once. This visa is issued for 9 months during which time the marriage must be registered, after which it is possible to apply for a permanent visa. Permanent partnership visas are issued […]

Australia marriage visa requirements

your fiancé must be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident of Australia or an eligible New Zealand citizen both of you must be at least 18 years old your fiancé should be willing to sponsor not only you but also any dependent members of your family, who will immigrate with you: provide accommodation and financial […]

Immigration. Immigration to Australia on a Bridal / Marriage / Spousal visa

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has fairly lenient requirements for fiancée visas and ‘marriage visas’: no English language requirements, no specific education, occupation, or income requirements, no age limits. These visa categories are designed to encourage more international families to come to Australia to enable people to live as a family, […]

Apply for a Bridal Visa to Australia

To apply for a fiancée visa to Australia you will need to do the following: 1. Take photographs. Photo requirements are passport style. You need 4 photos of the bride and 2 photos of the groom. 2. Collect documents (yours and your groom’s): Passports; Copies of children’s birth certificates; Proof of income, bank statements; Proof […]

UK spouse visa Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Requirements for a fiancé visa to England A fiancé visa to the United Kingdom (fiancé visa) is opened by the Embassy if the following conditions are met: the applicant is travelling to England to marry a citizen of that country; the applicant is aged 18 years or over; All previous relationships have been officially dissolved […]