Partner Visa to Australia

Immigration to Australia is quite popular these days and more and more people are wondering what it takes to go to Australia. In this article, we will talk about how you can apply for a partner visa to Australia.

Partner visa to Australia or family visa – what is it?

This visa is issued if a citizen (-s) of Australia is going to arrange a marriage with a citizen (-s) of another country (in our case we consider Russia), or they have already arranged a marriage (not in Australia) and want to move to Australia for further residence. By applying for this type of visa you automatically agree to the terms of the formation of a family with an Australian citizen.

Who can be a partner on the Australian side?

– Australian citizen;
– a person with a permanent residence permit in Australia;
– New Zealand citizen, recognized in Australia (to understand clearly what this term means, it is necessary to look carefully at the official site of immigration department, in section “visas”).

The Australian partner on his part agrees to:

– To marry a partner from another country;
– The formation of a family in Australia;
– The full sponsorship of their partner for the duration of their stay in Australia.

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