Partnership visas to Australia

A partner visa applicant may apply for a subclass 820/801 visa if he/she is in Australia or subclass 309/100 if he/she is overseas at the time of application for a visa.
– Visa Plan general counsel James Bay says an applicant may be eligible for a partnership visa if they are married or in a de facto relationship to an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

On average, it takes about three to four years from application to permanent residency.
– The Prospective Marriage subclass 300 visa allows an Australian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor their future spouse to travel to Australia. The visa holder has nine months to arrange a marriage with the sponsor and then apply for an “onshore” (from Australia) partner visa subclass 820/801.
– Mr. Bay says the Home Office carefully screens partnership visa applications to make sure the relationship between the visa applicant and the sponsor is genuine.#

A successful application requires more than just photographs and joint bank statements.
– There are usually two steps in the process of applying for a partnership visa. The first step is a provisional partnership visa (subclass 820 or 309), which is granted until a decision is made on the permanent visa application (subclass 801 or 100).
– Both temporary and permanent visa applications are submitted on the same form and at the same time.
– Typically, the temporary visa application is evaluated first and the permanent visa application is not considered until 24 months from the date of filing.
– VisaEnvoy immigration lawyer Ben Watt says that in some cases applicants may be granted a permanent visa immediately, without first being granted a temporary visa. Such circumstances include when the applicant is in a long-term relationship with a sponsor.
– You must have lived together for three years or have lived together for two years and have a child together.


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