Prospective marriage visa Australia

Types of spousal/marital visas/bride visa Australia:

Bride (groom) visa who plans to marry an Australian citizen (for opposite-sex and same-sex partners):

300 Bride (groom) / Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300) (for opposite-sex and same-sex partners). Temporary visa is valid for 9 months. During this time you must enter Australia and register your marriage, otherwise you will have to leave the country.

Marriage visas for people who are already married or cohabiting with an Australian citizen (for same-sex and different-sex partners):

  • 820 visa/ Partner temporary visa (subclass 820). A temporary visa, until you are granted an 801 visa. For those already married in Australia, coming on “300 visa of the bride” or already been in Australia, having the legal visa, and intends to live together with the partner in Australia
  • 801 visa / Partner permanent visa (subclass 801). Permanent visa. For those who have lived with a partner in Australia for 2 years or more on the 820 visa.
  • 309 visa/Partner temporary visa (subclass 309). Temporary visa for 2 years. For those who already had a marriage before submission of documents to DIBP, or already lived with the partner for more than 12 months in civil marriage outside Australia
  • 100 visa/Partner permanent visa (subclass 100). Permanent visa. For those who have lived on 309 visa with the partner in Australia for more than 2 years.


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