Prospective partner visa Australia

Australian partner visa prerequisites:

  • Your fiancé must be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident of Australia, or an eligible New Zealand citizen
    Both of you must be at least 18 years old
  • your fiancé should be willing to sponsor not only you but also any dependent members of your family, who will immigrate with you: provide housing and financial support for your partner and family for up to 2 years
  • Get to know your fiancé personally (at least one meeting) and be prepared to provide information about your personal relationship in writing or during a possible interview. “Meeting on the Internet” (exchanging photos) is not proof that you have met in person
  • A competently completed application package:
    – Form 47SP (completed by the applicant), link to the official DIBP website
    – Form 40SP (completed by sponsor), link to the official DIBP website
    – If you have dependent children, you need to fill in form 47A – reference to the DIBP website for each dependent child under 18
    – Evidence of “dependent children” (more details on the official DIBP website)
    – visa payment, link to the official DIBP website (Live section), the exact amount of Australia’s state fees
    – proof of status as an Australian citizen or resident of your partner
    – a photocopy of a document that confirms your sponsor’s employment over the past 2 years: a letter from your employer confirming years of service and annual salary or pay slips, etc.
    – Certified copy of the passport of the applicant (bride)
    – Certified copy of applicant’s (fiancée’s) birth certificate with names of parents
    – 2 recent passport (45mm x 35mm) photographs of applicant (bride)
    – 2 photos of sponsor(groom)
    – If married, copies of marriage certificates
    – If divorced or widowed, copies of marriage dissolution or death certificates
    – A certified copy of the certificate of change of name (if the applicant, sponsor, and/or dependent children have had a change of name)
    – Certified copies of birth certificates of “dependent” children- sufficient evidence that you have met and know your partner personally
    – proof that you have been planning a wedding for 9 months
    – Evidence of your relationship (phone bills, printouts of letters, photos together, plans for the future, etc.)
    – documents about your medical examination
    – Proof of criminal record (for persons over 16 years of age)
    -For a child under the age of 18, you will need to provide documentary evidence that the child can remain in Australia
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