Stages of the green card contest

A person who fills out an online application to participate in this lottery will have to wait at least one year for its results. The fact is that the Green Card program is a state program, so there are several stages of the contest:

Candidates must register, giving all the necessary data about themselves and their family members.
Next, all applicants will be considered. After that, a winner is chosen.
The lucky winner will receive an invitation to an interview and become in line for a U.S. visa.
It is worth noting that the second stage is not decisive. Those whose questionnaires are selected should not expect to move to America soon. To qualify for permanent residency in this country, you need to pass the interview, practice shows that about half of the applicants drop out after it.

The interview is the main and decisive step in getting the American green card. When do they take place? Applicants who were selected for the interview will have an opportunity to be interviewed in September or early October. Program participants will be interviewed by a visa officer at the U.S. Consulate.

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