The Federal Business Immigration Programs – Canada VISA


– Investors
– Entrepreneurs – Start-UP pilot program
– Self-employed persons in the following fields
– Culture
– Sports
– Farm management (with possibility of purchase)

Each of the categories has its own characteristics and separate requirements. They are not specific to or applicable to the Province of Quebec – the Province of Quebec has its own program of Business Immigration, as do certain other provinces.

The number of accepted applications under the Investor category has its own quota. The applicant shall demonstrate not only English language and education requirements, but also the availability of net worth of $10 million and an intention to invest $2 million in the IIVC Fund for a period of 15 years, assuming the risk of losing some or all of the investment.

Entrepreneurs with an innovative idea and the intention of starting a business in Canada and creating jobs for Canadians are given the opportunity to receive Canadian funding and the opportunity to immigrate to Canada through the Start Up Pilot Program. Recreational athletes with at least two years of IDT experience and/or international work experience may be eligible for the Self-Employed program, as well as those with experience in farming and are interested in acquiring a farm (cost from $250,000).

Capital, entrepreneurial experience, education, and English language proficiency must be documented. Other criteria for immigration to Canada, such as medical conditions, no criminal history, respect of human rights, provision of reliable information, etc. must also be met.

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