UK Marriage visa processing time 2021

UK Spouse or Marriage Visa Processing Time in 2021

Marriage visa UK processing time in 2021 is between 2-3 months on average but it may vary depending on individual case.

It may take from two to three months for the Home Office to process your application and make decision in your visa application case.

UK Home Office provides helpful tables:

UK marriage visa processing time in 2021 2-3 months
5 days 12% of cases decided
10 days 12% of cases decided
15 days 28% of cases decided
30 days 50% of cases decided
60 days 90% of cases decided
90 days 96% of cases decided
120 days 96% of cases decided

Usually UK Spouse Visa processing time is about 3 months. However, your UK visa application may take 14 days

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