UK spouse visa Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Requirements for a fiancé visa to England

A fiancé visa to the United Kingdom (fiancé visa) is opened by the Embassy if the following conditions are met:
the applicant is travelling to England to marry a citizen of that country;
the applicant is aged 18 years or over;
All previous relationships have been officially dissolved and this is proven by documents such as a divorce certificate, divorce decree etc.
the applicant must be married within six months of arriving in the UK.
A fiancée’s visa or a groom’s visa to England is open for a period of 6 months or more. It does not provide permission to work officially and there is no possibility of receiving social assistance.

What are the benefits of a fiancée visa in England?

Unlike a bridal visa, a fiancée visa to England allows you to stay in the United Kingdom for the entire period of its validity. You can then apply for a wife/husband visa without leaving the UK.

How do I get a fiancée visa to the UK?

Obtaining a UK fiancée visa is a complex process that can be divided into several stages. The first stage is to obtain all the necessary documents from the future husband/wife. This includes an invitation, copy of passport, proof of ability to pay, availability of accommodation, etc.
The second stage is setting a date for the ceremony in the UK and obtaining a confirmation document (Notice of Marriage).
At the third stage all necessary documents from the applicant are collected. Further it follows filling of application form on the web-site, payment of consular fee and choosing the date of personal submission of documents to the UK Visa Application Centre. Biometric data should be submitted along with the documents and then you can wait for the decision of the visa officer.

List of documents required for a fiancée visa to the UK

You can see the full list of documents required for a bride/groom visa a little above on this page. We would like to make a special mention of these important points:
One of the main ones is the Notice of Marriage.
You will need to take a TB test in a certified clinic, which is located in Kiev.
You should confirm that you have a minimum of A1 level of English.
Enclose as much proof as possible of your relationship with your future husband or wife to the required packet of documents. It may be tickets and photos of joint trips, correspondence, phone bills, history of Skype calls, etc.
Please note that all documents have to be translated into English. For some papers an apostille is mandatory. In each specific case, the list of documents, which are submitted for registration of a visa can vary, so please contact our experts to avoid mistakes. The British Embassy may require additional documents when considering a visa application.
Application form for a fiancée visa to England
Obtaining a fiancée visa to England involves completing an application form on the Embassy website as well as an additional form (Appendix 2). The application form is written and completed in English. We recommend that you start with the questionnaire when you have all your documents in hand.
The questionnaire includes more than 100 questions which relate to information about you and your upcoming trip. The Appendix 2 form contains questions about your future husband/wife and the relationship between you.
Please note that applications or forms that are not completed correctly, even with minor blunders, are one of the most common reasons for a visa refusal.
Bride’s visa to the UK: processing times
Once the visa application is submitted, a decision is made within a period of 3 weeks to 3 months. Please note that the Embassy may request additional documents, which lengthens the processing time of the application.
If you do not have time to wait long, you can contact us to find out how to apply for a bridal visa to England under an expedited procedure. In this case, the cost of processing the application will increase.

How long does it take to get a fiancée visa to the UK?

The processing time at the Embassy is up to 3 months. However, it is preceded by a preparatory stage, which depends on the applicant. If everything is carefully planned, it will take a little time to collect the necessary documents. Our experience shows that, on average, the preparation of documents, their translation, apostille and other procedures takes about 3-4 weeks.

Bride’s visa to the UK after rejection

If you receive a refusal on your visa application, the Embassy will return all documents and send a letter stating the reasons for the refusal. You can re-apply straight away, however it is recommended that you address all the reasons that led to the negative decision first.
As a reminder, the consular fee will not be refunded if a refusal is made. If you reapply, you will need to pay the fee again, and prepare the documents and complete the application form. To minimise the risks of rejection, please contact our experts who have extensive experience and will help you to compose your visa application properly.

Bride’s visa to the UK by yourself (step-by-step instructions)

Registration of a fiancée visa to England for Ukrainians is a complicated and time-consuming process with many nuances. You will need the bride visa in the case if you intend to get married to the citizen of Great Britain on the territory of this country and want to stay for long time with your beloved during preparation for the ceremony.
If you intend to apply for a visa yourself, the first thing to do is to make a date and obtain a document (Notice of Marriage) to confirm your wedding plans. Your future husband or wife will then prepare the following papers:
A letter of invitation;
A copy of the first page of your passport;
Documents that prove you have a job and a salary;
Documents showing that your spouse-to-be is able to pay;
Photocopy of rental agreement or title deed and utility bill.
All the documents from the host country are sent to Ukraine. After this you can begin to gather the applicant’s documents:
foreign passport,
internal passport,
certificate of employment,
your bank statement, bank statement and other documents.
You will need to obtain a certificate confirming your knowledge of the English language and you will also need to undergo a tuberculosis test.
Proof of your close relationship with your future husband or wife, as well as proof of how long you have known each other, will help strengthen your visa application significantly.
Note that documents such as your birth certificate, divorce certificate and other documents need to be apostilled.
When you have all your documents in hand, you can start filling in the application form. The application form is registered on the Embassy website and contains questions in English. You will also need to complete a form (Appendix 2) which contains questions about your partner and your relationship.
Once the application form has been registered you should pay the visa fee and make an appointment to lodge the application in person and submit the biometric data at the Visa Application Centre.
The visa fee is payable in euros by bank card. After the visa fee has been paid, you can make an appointment for the submission of the documents.
The last step in the visa application process will be the submission of the documents and biometric data to the Embassy. You will receive an answer on your visa application within three weeks to three months. After the application has been processed, you will either receive your visa or a rejection letter with reasons.
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