US marriage visa – description

Under U.S. law, fiancé (wives) and grooms (husbands) of U.S. citizens may be permitted to enter the country.

Wedding visas can be divided into two categories:
– Visas for fiancé and their children (K-1, K-2);
– visas for wives and their children (K-3, K-4).

The procedure for obtaining a wife visa is almost similar to the fiancé visa.

With an approved fiancé visa, you may enter the United States and marry your fiancé within 90 days of your arrival, and apply for permanent residency in the United States after your marriage.

In order for you to obtain a fiancé visa, your fiancé must file a petition with USCIS. You will also need to prepare a certain package of documents, which you will forward to your fiancé. If your application is approved, it will be forwarded to the U.S. Embassy and you will receive written notification of the documents you will need to bring and an exact date for your interview.

All documents must be competently prepared and translated into English. At this stage, documents of “dubious” origin should never be submitted. This is the main reason for refusing a visa.

In addition to proper execution of documents, in order to obtain a positive result, it is necessary to prepare for the interview with the consul.

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