Visa to Canada for marriage

A bride or groom’s visa is intended for a short stay in a foreign territory for the purpose of conducting a marriage ceremony. Both parties are involved in the preparation of the application. Applicants for a premarital visa most often encounter rejections from consular officials.

Some of the main reasons include:

– The bride and groom have not previously met each other, corresponded only over the Internet.

– There is no confirmation of a serious relationship in the couple that would encourage young people to get married.

– The Russian party has insufficient financial guarantees, low social status, a history of police arrests, and debts.

Canada’s migration laws are getting stricter every year, so an applicant, once rejected, may lose the right to visit Canadian territory for life. This is especially true for those who provide false information in the application form in order to deceive consular staff.


Grounds for issuance

  1. The primary basis for applying for a fiancĂ© or groom’s visa is the application to the Canadian marriage registry office.
  2. After the date of marriage is set, the Canadian party may draw up an invitation for the bride or groom from Russia. The invitation specifies not only the date, but also personal data of both parties, financial guarantees of travel, address where the foreigner will reside.
  3. All information in the invitation sheet should be confirmed by copies of official documents.
  4. Invitation is sent to the Russian side by e-mail or other remote methods.

Documentation package

Russian bride or groom begins collecting his documentation package immediately after receiving the invitation.

– The original invitation sheet is attached in the applicant’s personal profile on the official website of the Canadian Consulate.

– Next, it is necessary to fill out an application form. It can be downloaded from the above-mentioned portal. To enter the information, either English or French is used. If the applicant knows neither the first nor the second language, it is necessary to contact translators.

– After the application form, you need to attach two photos in Schengen format. Requirements for photos are listed in a separate article.

– After the photo, you need to pay for the foreign application, and attach a check for the consular fee. The transaction is made on the same website, the standard cost of the bride and groom’s visa application review is 100 Canadian dollars.

– Personal documentation involves enclosing copies of your domestic and foreign passports. It is also advisable to attach all closed visas that have been requested to Canada, Great Britain, America, Australia.

– Since the wedding is an expensive event, financial guarantees are required from both parties. As proof of financial security, you will need to attach:

  1. sponsorship letter,
  2. proof of salary,
  3. tax return for a natural person,
  4. bank statement or other documents.

– The Russian party is required to attach a certificate of ownership of any real estate property. It is also recommended to attach a social package of documentation about children or dependent parents, past marital stamps.

– Insurance policy is issued with coverage from 40,000 Canadian dollars.

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