Visa to Canada for wife/husband

List of documents:
From a Canadian citizen:
✅ ID document confirming status in Canada
✅ Proof of dissolution of past marriages, if applicable
✅ Letter from current employer (indicating number of hours worked per week)
✅ Documents issued by the Internal Revenue Service of Canada: Notice of Assessment – NOA, showing total annual income OR income statements

From the applicant:
✅ A copy of the main spreads of your passport, pages with previous Canadian visas and entry stamps
✅ A copy of your birth certificate (yours and any people you care for, even if they are not accompanying you to Canada)
✅ marriage certificate
✅ proof of previous marriages, if any
✅ certificates from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (for you and all family members)
✅ Proof of military service, if applicable
✅ 2 photos 5×7
✅ Proof of relationship:
✅ Correspondence, any other proof of communication; proof of personal meetings – airline tickets, entry and exit stamps in passports, etc.
✅ Joint photos (be sure to add wedding photos) with a caption on the back – names, dates, brief description of the situation
✅ proof of financial support for spouse
✅ letters from relatives and friends confirming your relationship All documents accompanying the application must be accompanied by a translation into French or English (except correspondence).

How to apply:
The sponsor must complete and sign (if applicable) the following forms:
✅ Sponsorship application, sponsorship agreement and commitment [IMM 1344].
✅ Sponsorship assessment and relationship form [IMM 5532].

The applicant themselves must complete and sign (if applicable) the following forms:
✅ Sponsorship application, sponsorship agreement and commitment [IMM 1344]
✅ General application form for a visa to Canada [IMM 0008]
✅ Schedule A (Background / Declaration) form [IMM 5669] – required for all principal applicants, and all dependants aged 18 and over.
✅ Additional family information [IMM 5406].
✅ Sponsor assessment and relationship questionnaire [IMM 5532]
✅ Additional information about previous trips [IMM 5562]
✅ Military service information [IMM 5546]

⚠️ Important information:
📌 If you are applying for permanent residence in Canada, you must list all your family members on the forms. In addition, all family members must be considered as part of the application for permanent residence in Canada, even if they do not plan to move to Canada with the principal applicant. Family members who were not listed on the application will not be considered as your relatives in the future and will never be able to apply for permanent resident status in Canada. The applicant and each family member (18 years of age or older) who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident must provide police clearance certificates from their current country of residence and from the country or countries where they have lived continuously for more than 6 months since their 18th birthday.

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