Waiting Time for Bride/Fiancé Visa to U.S.

The total processing time for a K1 visa from start to finish is about 8 months.

Below is a step-by-step description of the time frame for processing the bride/groom visa documents:

After filing your fiancée visa petition with USCIS, within 1-3 weeks you will receive notification of receipt of your documents with your case number.

Four to seven months after notification of receipt, you will receive notification from USCIS that your petition has been approved.

USCIS will then forward your petition to the National Visa Center (NVC) for approval and submission to the U.S. Embassy in your fiancé/fiancé’s country. At this point, work on the K1 visa interview forms at the U.S. Embassy. These forms include the Affidavit of Financial Support I-134 and DS-160.

Approximately 1-2 months after the petition is confirmed, the U.S. Embassy will contact your fiancée or groom to schedule an interview.

You will be required to pay a visa fee of $265 prior to the interview.

Once the interview is scheduled, your bride or groom will need to have a medical exam. The approximate cost of the medical exam is $250-$350.


US Bride Visa Interview

After the interview form, and your bride/groom has the results of the medical exam in hand, the next step is the interview at the U.S. embassy. During the interview, the consul will review all of the documents we have prepared and evidence of your relationship, and your bride/groom will be asked questions about the legitimacy of your relationship. The U.S. citizen is not required to attend the interview, but it is not a hindrance.

If the consul is satisfied with the documents provided and the answers to the questions during the K1 visa interview, the visa will usually be granted within 5-10 days of the interview.

After you receive your K1 fiancée visa.

Once your bride/groom receives the visa, he/she is free to travel to the United States. The K1 visa is valid for 6 months after it is issued. Once you arrive in the United States, you will have 90 days to get married. Once married, your fiancée/fiancé is eligible to become a permanent resident, also known as a Green Card holder. You must file a separate petition for a change of status in order to obtain a Green Card. We can also assist you in this process.

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