What other documents may be required for a uk visa?

In addition to the above documents, accompanying documents are also attached to the application for a visa to England. These documents help the visa officer to better understand the applicant’s situation and ultimately make the right choice. There is no single list of accompanying documents. The situation of each applicant is somewhat special, everyone applies their own, separate documents. Special attention should be paid to the selection of the optimal list of accompanying documents for a visa to the United Kingdom. Often, the outcome of applying for a visa depends on them. Below is a list of documents that you should pay special attention to.

Old foreign passports

For the British, the visa history is not the most important argument in deciding on a visa. Most often, a visa is issued without problems, even if you have not been abroad (provided that your financial documents are convincing). But the abundance of foreign trips demonstrate your financial wealth and ability to comply with visa regimes of other countries. If the applicant returns to Russia after each trip, it means that there is a high probability that this trip will also be only temporary.

marriage / child Certificates

If you are married or have minor children in your care, take copies of supporting documents. You need the most ordinary photocopies of the marriage registration certificate / birth of children. You do not need to notarize copies of certificates. Documents that you have dependent elderly parents, no role for the British do not play: a different mentality. By the way, if you are married, you can provide a certificate from your spouse’s work, even if you are traveling alone.

Documents from the place of study

If you are studying, it is advisable to attach documents from the educational institution to the visa application. The certificate is taken from the Dean’s office and compiled according to the standard form of the University. You can attach a copy of your student ID and credit card to the certificate (if you are doing well-to show that there is no point in dropping out). Please note that in 2021, the Embassy has a negative attitude to long trips of students during their studies. In such situations, you should get a certificate that the trip is agreed with the University.

documents for the property

Contrary to General opinion, property documents do not play a big role in issuing a visa. However, if you have registered any property, we recommend that you attach supporting documents. For an apartment, this is: a certificate of state registration of property rights or an extract of property from the unified state register of legal entities; for a car: a certificate of registration of a vehicle. If nothing is registered on you, you should not worry about it. The document on the property can be from the parents or spouse(s).

documents of the trip sponsor

If you feel that your financial documents are not convincing enough, it is worth submitting the documents of a person who can act as a sponsor. The sponsor can be a close relative: parents, spouse (including civil). In addition to financial documents, you need to attach a sponsorship letter from this person. Financial documents include a work certificate and an account statement. Note: civil marriage is recognized by the British, and it can be confirmed by joint trips abroad.

Consent to leave from parents

If the visa is issued for a minor child, then the consent to leave Russia from the parents should be attached. If the child is traveling with one of the parents, permission from the other parent is required. If the child is traveling without parents-the consent of both parents accompanied by a third person. The consent is provided in the form of a copy, the original remains with you. You do not need to notarize the copy. No other documents, including copies of the parents ‘ passports, are attached to the consent.

Cover letter

As you know, an interview for a visa in the UK is not conducted. Therefore, it is important that the applicant’s situation is very clear. In case of any inaccuracies, the visa officer will most likely not call to clarify the information, but will prefer to simply refuse the visa. If you are afraid that the documents do not give an accurate picture of your situation, then it makes sense to attach a small cover letter explaining certain points of the application. The letter is written in English.

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